Great cooking is art and requires a certain time, love and dedication.
It may take a little extra time to make a delicious dish.
Please relax and enjoy yourself.

Daily specials
Catch of the day in a crust of salt,
half fish with a spinach musseline aromatized with cilantro seeds, wrapped in leek leaves and covered in a salt flower, garnished with your selection
(cooking time: 25 minutes)
Roasted baby suckling pig,
slowly oven cooked, garnished with
garlic mashed potatoes with ciboulette and confited apricots

Oven cooked baby goat,
with tacu-tacu, mixture of rice and mashed lima beans, garnished with yellow chili pepper and
red onion sauce

“De Bandera”, sautéed seabass with Crayfish,
grilled mushrooms in olive oil and garlic with grilled asparagus and piquillo peppers, garnished with rice
and peruvian corn kernels
Prime rib,
slowly roasted until term, with Maras salt, cut at the moment, garnished with andean potatoes souffle with cheese
Seafood from the grill,
octopus, squid, shrimps, fish kebabs and scallops served with new potatoes grilled vegetables, parsley and hot pepper sauces
(for two)



Our Mixed Platter

(minimum for two persons)

Select four options from our specialties:


“Ceviche limeñito” with yellow chili pepper sauce
Octopus with vinaigrette and olive oil
Seafood salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Chalaca style mussels
Drunken scallops in key lime tomato sauce
Shrimp causitas with ocopa sauce


Fried squid with tartare and yellow chili sauces
Fried ceviche, fisherman specialty
Parmesan scallops
Seafood wontons with tamarindo sauce
Fish kebabs with yellow chili sauce
Grilled octopus with aioli sauce

Shrimp and more...

Fried ceviche, fisherman specialty,
served with “leche de tigre” and glazed sweet potato
Crunchy wrapped shrimps,
served with oriental miso sauce
• Crayfish
Andean shrimps,
covered with cereal exotic crust with capchi
• Crayfish